The final minutes of an intimate night between two women. One is fifty years old and the other is her early twenties. What seems to be a fragile promise of harmony brings about the relationship’s demise.

Israel 2007 | 12 min | black & white | Hebrew / English subtitles

Mature Woman: Rozina Cambos | Young Woman: Tamara Klingon

Screenwriter and Director: Dana Goldberg | Director of Photography: Asi Oren | Executive Producer: Ran Shmueli | Editor: Hadara Oren | Original Music: Karni Postel & Kutiman | Production Designer: Denis David Pariente | Chief Lighting Technician: Avinatan Shinar | Sound Mix: Yahav Shemesh | Stills: Anna Yam

Supported by Cinema Project – The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts