About Us

Dakota is a production company founded by filmmaker Dana Goldberg. Over the past decade Goldberg has formed a group of independent film professionals who have become regular collaborators on various projects. We specialize in art house feature films, short films and new media productions.

* Dakota means ‘allies’ in the language of the Dakota, the largest tribe of northern native Americans.

Dana Goldberg

Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Dana Goldberg is an Israeli filmmaker and poet. She studied fine arts at HaMidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College. Goldberg’s debut feature film, Alice, was awarded the best screenplay award, best actress award and the Jury’s honorable mention at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2012. In 2016 Goldberg produced Death of a Poetess, her second feature film, written and directed in collaboration with poet Dr. Efrat Mishori. Death of a Poetess, Starring Evgenia Dodina and Samira Saraya, was awarded the best actress award (Saraya) at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2017, and the best screenplay award at the UK Jewish Film Festival. Goldberg has written and directed 10 short films and 10 experimental Pocket Films. Her films are all female portraits, exploring gender, identity, motherhood, violence and the language of cinema.

Goldberg is also active in the fields of poetry, video art and theater. She lives and works in Tel Aviv.


Claudia Landsberger

Creative Producer

Claudia Landsberger, executive partner of BaseWorx For Film, is active for projects with script support, rough cut consulting, project development consulting and international marketing. Committed to developing and stimulating a project from ‘script to screen’.


Michael Goorevich

 Sound Designer

A professional recordist with over 14 years of experience. Goorevich designed the soundtracks of dozens of documentaries, feature films, dramas, TV series, sports, music and wildlife programs.


Asi Oren

Cinematographer, Artist, Coder

Asi Oren collaborates with artists and directors in the realisation of their personal point of view and vision in various mediums and platforms.


Carmela Sanderson

Art Director

B.A. in Design and Interior Design from the College of Management. Graduate of photography and art history studies at Camera Obscura. Art Director in film and television. Among her works: Policeman (Nadav Lapid, 2011), “Youth” (Tom Shoval, 2013), “Beyond the Mountains and Hills” (Eran Kolirin, 2016).



Film Editor

Graduate of the Film and Television Department at Hadassah Technology College, Jerusalem. An editor of documentaries and feature films, works with video artists, performers and theaters.

Yael Pinsker


Yael Pinsker is a film producer and line Producer. A PhD candidate in Media and Communication at Bournemoth University, researching female characters in comedies.

Nomy Borenstein

Writer, Screenplay Editor

Writer and editor of screenplays, books and magazine items. Among others, Borenstein edited the screenplay of Alice (Best screenplay award, Jerusalem Film Festival 2012). Co-founder of Arttale, an interactive mobile adventure game based on works of art.‬

Shiri Blumenthal

Game Developer, 3D Designer, Concept Artist

Magna cum laude graduate of the Department of Game Design and Development at Shenkar College. Former lecturer of 3D and design at the same department. Trained in the MIT gaming lab. An independent game artist and freelancer in the gaming industry.


Hadara Oren

Film Editor

Film editor for over 30 years. Oren edited dozens of films and television shows, including feature films, documentaries, and experimental films.